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friend more than friends

Published on December 9, 2010 by lipsofanangel08

I have been best friends with a guy since my junior year. He joined the military and we have stayed in touch. I can tell him anything and he says he feels the same way. he recently was stationed in Iraq after being over there he started calling me first it was just a couple of times a week then it started becoming dialy phone calls sometimes four calls a day. This has been going on for about 3 weeks now. He recently asked me to marry him when he came home on leave. I told him I would because he would get more military benifits. We are best friends and I couldn't imagine losing him as a friend but after him callling me every day sometimes four times a day I don't know how he feels. He says he loves talking to me because he can tell me anything but a couple ago he didn't call for the first time in 3 weeks. We chatted on facebook and he apologized for not being able to call me but he was sorry. He tried calling me tuesday but the call didn't go thru. Last nite I talked to him on face book the said he had to go on a mission and he would call me when he got back but he never did. I mean he tells me things that he doesn't even tell his guy friends sometimes. We we first started talkin on the phone we were cool but lately he wants to know what I am doing n his voice changes when I tell him i am hanging out with a guy. We tell eachother we love you everytime before we get off the phone and sometimes he seems jealous when i talk about other guys but I just don't know if we are only friends then whey does he care when i talk about other guys?? He is confusing me should i say something to him or just continue to be his and put my feelings aside? I am so confused can someone just give me an opinon if we are just friends then whey does he call me so much n then suddenly just stop for two days??? Do you think he has any feelings or just sees me strictly as a friend?


you r just as confusing as him.Yes he has a lot of feeling for need to talk about it.

well didnt he ask you to marry him? i think he prolly does have feeling for you and him being away could be the reason why hes calling so much... you know what they say being away makes you realize what you have.. or something like that.. and i always thought that sometimes missions last for a while not like 3 weeks but i thought for like a couple days... do you get what im trying to say?