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found out my husband was communicating with his female asst. via texting is this a form of cheating?

Published on November 5, 2010 by lizabbroth

I found out my husband and his female assistant were always texting and calling each other during and after office hours and god knows what else happened that i don't know about. When i confronted my husband he said that i am making to much of nothing. The text were never sexual but was always about personal info and a closeness. My husband showed one of the texts to my 19 yr old daughter in hopes that she would agree with him that i was reading to much into this.My daughter asked my husband why would you become so friendly with this woman when you have mommy? my daughter asked him if it was mommy would you be ok for mom to have a male co-worker text mom or call and each contact has nothing to do with the job he blew up 2 my daughter. I have met this woman during job functions, my husband and this woman has to know this is wrong. If it wasn't wouldn't my husband tell me about the texting especially when one of the texting he send her on a saturday asking how she was feeling obviously she was sick and she told him how she was a little better and he asked her if she brought a message cream and she answered no and he said there is nothing like a good message if this was innocent wouldn't he have informed me of this oh by the way this was the text he shared with my 19 yr old daughter and he had the nerve at first to say he didn't think it was inappropriate but then said he would stop he is trying to make it up to me he takes me out more tells me he loves me more but i feel he is trying to hard and i feel he is a little distracted especially when he doesn't know am watching what do you think does he miss the relationship he had with this woman? or it is still happening and i just don't know about it and my husband can't deal with these two lives she is still his assistant


What is that saying...where there is smoke there is fire? Not a good situation and YES i think it's worth at least a pout. Milk it! Those diamond earrings you've had your eye on for the past several years GET 'EM!