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First Sleepover With A Guy (Ever) + Possible Other Firsts

Published on February 12, 2013 by laughinggirl219

Somehow I have made it to 19 years of age a virgin both in the technical sense and in terms of co-ed sleepovers. While I was able to put off sleepover requests from my high school (and now my ex) boyfriend, I've now been in college for a semester with my own (single) dorm room, and I don't have any excuses left. My new boyfriend (also one of my best friends for the last four years) will be coming back into town in two weeks to see me, and he's expecting to stay the weekend. This means not only one but TWO nights of sleepover, and I'm beginning to freak out. Do I drink or do I not? Obviously I don't want to get messed up but I know my nervousness will show. Should I lose my virginity to him? I had been planning on it, but should it be on the first sleepover ever? And how do two people comfortably sleep on a single college dorm bed? What do I wear? How do I sneak out to fix myself in the morning before he wakes up? I'm so nervous just thinking about this and I need some straightforward advice.


OK - YourTango has their spam filter set to "obnoxious" again and it's not letting me post the lengthy reseponse I had to your question and request for straightforward advice. Here's an abbreviated version.

DON'T have sex unless and until YOU feel ready for it and want it.

If you have sex, DO use condoms (and preferably also a second form of birth control, such as the pill or an IUD).

Other than basic good hygiene, there's not much you have to do to "fix yourself up" - if you're naked and wanting sex, that's all he can think about.

DO put down an old towel for your first time - if it gets bloody, you can ball it up and throw it in the wash (or trash) and not ruin your bed sheets.

You on top while he's lying on the bed would be a good position for your first time at intercourse, since it will let YOU control how hard/fast/deep he goes. If it hurts too much, all you have to do to stop it is get up off of him.

Have fun!