I can relate somewhat. He didn't really talk to me like he was my dad, but I did feel like he was talking down to me like I was dumb or something. He kept scolding me for things and I finally just told him that I didn't appreciate the way he was commenting to me and that it was making me feel like he was being condescending. After I told him that was the way I felt, he changed. Now he talks to me differently. He's working on not doing it anymore so he sometimes asks me if what he's saying is okay because he doesn't mean to scold me, he just wants to look out for me. Things are definitely better since I told him how I felt. Sometimes if it sounds like he's doing it, I tell him right away and he changes his tone. The best thing for you to do is tell him how you feel about it. He won't be able to change overnight, but he should be willing to try and work on.

I sometimes feel like my DH acts like my dad, but he sometimes feels I act like his mom and I do. When that happens, one of us lets the other one know that 1. they appreciate/understand how you are feeling BUT 2. it feels a little like you are lecturing me like a parent and while I know you are frustrated, I am an adult.

But that only works because one time, when we weren't fighting, my DH had the wisdom to bring up the subject. He waiting for a time when our tempers were not high and brought it up in a kind way, so we worked out a plan together on what to do when that happens.

good luck!

Also know that while he shouldn't treat you like a father, are you acting like a child? Are you saying you will do things you don't do? Are you whining about responsibility? I am not trying to accuse you of anything, but I do think its important that you recognize any behavior that you may be exhibiting that could be exacerbating the problem.