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Feeling lost

Published on April 8, 2013 by moonface

I have been with my man for 5 years,living together for two. He claims to love me but avoids discussion of relationship growth like marriage, children or the future. He says that I am the one he wants to be with but refuses to look further. Should I keep waiting for him to become ready?


You are both not living in a Common law marriage yet, so your free to go at anytime you please. "Waiting for him to become ready?" is very ambiguous especially since you already agreed to shack up. Your Core Belief System about Marriage,Commitment and the future thereof is not decided by his decisions, but by how you feel its important enough for him to consider it would mean well that you felt secure in this way. Many men don't know what we have lost until we have lost it. So you have to feel worthy that another man would propose, marry you and at least have a dialogue concerning it. Women tend to leave out what tidbits the man has said regarding finances, children, readiness or whatever so i guess you'll be waiting if thats what u feel you deserve to do