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A fear of rejection?

Published on December 9, 2011 by kelseymarie

I'm not quite sure, what exactly it is but I am terrified to tell a guy I like my feelings, mainly because I don't want to be rejected by him. I'm not the prettiest of the roses but I still consider myself pretty nice looking, I get along with him well. And now that I know I have feelings for him deeper than just a friendship, its like I can't do anything right because if I tell him I like him and he doesn't like me back it'll just be weird. Rejection fear may be my problem?


It sounds as though you are not ready to tell him how you feel, so don't. Enjoy being with tim, and when the right time comes to tell him you will feel confident in doing so. You never know, he may tell you he feels something for you before you get a chance to tell him how you are feeling. Good luck.

Thanks for taking responsibility, Miss Kelsey and looking at the possibility that you may be bending to fear.

Forget about him for a moment. What would you get from life if you were not so afraid of rejection? How else could this impact your life in addition to the area of relationships?

If you saw possibility there, then the time is now to practice asking people questions where you don't know the answer, whatever it is. If you go to the cafe, make an outlandish order. They may say yes, they may say no. Regardless, you will learn. Ask friends for favors that you have no idea if they will grant. Ask people out of the blue for one dollar.

These are just suggestions. Ask for whatever you like, but if you overcome this fear, you may have much more to gain than just finding out if someone likes you.

Specifically about the man, if he doesn't like you what do you lose? What do you gain? Consider telling him that you have feelings for him and give him a chance to consider having feelings for you. He may not have thought of you like that yet, but that doesn't mean you two won't be together. This practice being in the unknown and not controlling the situation may be very valuable for you.

All the best! Gregg DeMammos for 21st Century Man