You can prolong your enjoyment of sex and your partner's enjoyment too if you work on slowing down. This is a conscious effort. Here are a couple of suggestions:

1) Use your breathing to help you slow down. Without ignoring your partner, give some attention to your breathing. Deepen your inhale and exhale and breathe more slowly.

2) Get creative-- don't jump right to the touches or actions (like intercourse) that turn you on the most (and bring you to climax). Instead, play around more with foreplay and make sure your partner is feeling as good as you are. How can you touch, kiss and even talk to your partner that would please you both?

Your question isn't very clear. If you mean that you orgasm in the very early stages of a sexual encounter, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a tragedy, depending partly on if you are male or female (though a handle like 'Bigb' would suggest male) and how your partner/s deal with the issue. Anxieties about this type of "problem" often just make it worse so maybe you could benefit from looking at it differently. How about accepting that you will ejaculate very quickly but within a fairly short time, (assuming you are under say 60) you will be ready for a longer session after that?

Is this a problem more for you or for your partner/s? If you have an ongoing relationship, you need to talk to him/her about working it out together.

(assuming you are male) One simple and time-honored way of slowing yourself down is to masterbate beforehand