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Published on July 22, 2014 by mcg

About 10 years ago, my wife asked me to share a fantasy with her. I did. I've asked her, about every 6 months or so, since then to share one with me. A fantasy, desire, something she's like to actually try, something she likes for me to do... anything. She just tells me that she doesn't have any and that she like everything I've done and can't think of anything she would like to try.

Is this normal? I have tried to put her at ease and to let her know that there is nothing she could say that I would ever have issue with, but I consistently get a no, or, she just gets angry with me.

I really would just like to have an idea of something that she might like. Any ideas?


Hi mcg,

First - I'd like to compliment you on your interest in making certain you're fulfilling your wife's sexual needs.

Second - By her response it sounds like you are fulfilling them.

Third - I'm curious the reason behind why you don't believe her when she says she's satisfied. Please write back to me to let me know so I may give you a more complete answer.

Fourth - If she truly is happy with everything you're doing for her sexually you could suggest (or try) adding something new and ask her if she would like (or liked) that too.

I hope this is helpful.

Coach Christine Expert

My partner asks this of me as well. And I have the same response- I'm happy :-) It's a compliment. It's saying that she is satisfied. If it's YOU who wants to try something new, why not lay it on her and see what happens? She may find something new she never thought she'd like