Once you feel attraction for someone, it takes concerted effort to quiet those feelings, especially if you see the person often at work. Here are 5 sound strategies to disengage your heart and start new.

  1. Pamper yourself, because all love starts with self love
  2. Don't indulge in conversation - steer clear as much as possible
  3. Go on vacation to get away and clear your heart and head
  4. Post an online dating profile and meet new men!
  5. Use the Law of Attraction to attract a new, available man into your life

You can move on once you set the intention and try any of all of these tips!

It's can be hard to let go of an attraction once it's in motion and what makes this particularly difficult, is that you see this person every day at work. My heart goes out to you.

One thing I recommend is to actually allow yourself to build a future based upon what is likely to happen; to really get present to the impact of pursuing a relationship with a married man, who works where you earn your living. I often find when we really look it, I mean get the reality of the situation, it’s like dumping a bucket of cold water on our attraction.

Work place romances are challenging in and of themselves, adding to it this man is unavailable given he is married. The probability that this will end well is highly unlikely. Not only will you have compromised yourself by settling for a man who is unavailable, you could jeopardize your employment depending on the company's policy on employee dating. And there is also the fact that you would be impacting another human being (his wife) and a family (any children they may have). And we're just scratching the surface here.

Once the reality of this sets in, you may find your attraction has cooled quite a bit, you’ll move on from a place of choosing what you know would be best for you rather than continuing to build castles in the sand.

At work, be professional and limit contact. At home, engage in more social activities beyond work so your life is full and vital. Flirt. Date. The more fulfilled you are with your life the less concerned you’ll be with him.

Lastly, don’t beat yourself up if the attraction doesn’t disappear overnight. Acknowledge the days, the moments, you keep your cool and conducted yourself well. And be good to yourself on the days you don’t. As time passes, it will get easier.

The best advice I can offer is to find a distraction for yourself. A new hobby, a new routine. Try out a different activity. Take a new route to work, and come in at a different time. Change up when and where you eat lunch. You want to start doing things that don't put you in his path. It's very hard and I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you so much for the tips and advises. I am helped a lot. I am slowly falling out of love with him.