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Fallen in Love....HELP

Published on March 4, 2013 by tmb2013

I am a normal, intelligent business woman and do not have time to date or socialise. Finding love was not on my agenda and I did not pursue it. I am building a new business and I am quite busy with a few charities I support. 2 months agog whilst seeking people to support one of the charities I support . I stumbled onto a man on the linkedin pages and contacted him asking if he would be willing to help. His profile fit. He agreed and we have spoken on Skype a few times and emailed. I have never sen him in person and I had no romantic notions or anything of that nature. I decided to discuss my business with him and we found we had a lot in common and were discussing a partnership between our two organisations when disaster struck..for reasons I still cannot fathom the conversation strayed from business to personal and I was struck dumb. He said something to me and I became speechless, confused and totally shaken. From the picture , he is not my type by any stretch of the imagination but I know that he is the one..I know beyond knowing ...I panicked. I sent him an email saying I could not go into business with him because I did not really know who he was and my God. The next day he skyped me and was in tears. He wept. He said I had hurt him and he told me his was then I realised why and what. I fell in love with him there and then and have not been able to sleep or eat since. I am in such deep trouble as I cannot handle this right now. I am 50 years old for God's sake. I am single and have been single for at least 8 years. I have had some relationships but nothing major or serious . To be honest I had given up finding anyone who would be of interest to me and it just was not on my radar at all. I am totally unprepared for this and actually believe that I have scared him off as I reacted like someone who had been scalded with hot water, like a maniac. Fear engulfed me. My relationship history is littered with heart has been broken and shattered so many times , I did not think I still had one but it appears it is there and still beating. This man is a thousand miles away. I saw his face for the first time when he switched the video on, he could not look into my eyes because he said they were swollen. I wished I could get a flight to go and be with him. I want nothing more but to submit to this man and look after him and be there when he gets back from his trips ....what is wrong with me? Have I lost my mind? Is this what they mean about knowing beyond knowing when you meet the one. We have so much in common that it is uncanny. OMG what am I to do?


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Rita Healter