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Facebook Drama

Published on September 13, 2011 by lady lauren

I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. Within that year, he blocked and deleted me from his Facebook page. Recently, he had unblocked me and added me on Facebook. On his Facebook page, he was in a relationship with another woman. Plus, he is talking another woman at work. What should I do?


Ditch him, he's not your boyfriend, you're his booty call. Drop this toolbox and FAST! You could end up not only heartbroken, but with an incurable disease as well!

You already know the answer to your question, but are understandably still coming to terms with what you have recently learnt about him. No one wants to believe the worst about someone we have loved. As soon as he blocked you from his facebook page, you probably felt something was wrong with his behaviour, but were kindly giving him the benefit of the doubt. There is no doubt now. You have to decide whether you want someone who treats you right all the time or just some of the time. It's your call.

Remind yourself to talk to him in person, before you begin assuming things via your relationship status on Facebook. Also decide what the end result is before you talk to him in person. If you want an open and honest relationship, then is this it? Or do you need to move on, and find someone that genuinely respects and honors you all the time?

I wrote an article awhile back about facebook and relationships:

Further questions, just ask!

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get rid of him, you will NEVER be able to trust him again. Iv'e had the same problems recently, my boyfriend was flirting with a ex of his on fb. commenting on each others pics, he said he wasn't interested in her, LIER. why else would you do that. so he was ditched!

Are you sure this guy is your boyfriend? Does he know that he is your "boyfriend"? This does not sound like a commited relationship when he can just block you from his Facebook page at will and believes that it won't incur your wrath. If he blocked you and did not tell you that he was going to do it in advance then he either has no respect for you or he's a coward who saw something come up on his wall that he didn't want you to see or that he didn't want to explain. Regardless as to which issue it is, this man has decided that he will only communicate with you on HIS terms. You need to decide if this is the kind of relationship you want to be a party to.