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Expressing feelings

Published on May 23, 2014 by thepixie84

I am married to a very busy chef who has two children in a different country. I am 29 and want children but do not want to disrespect his two children that he already has. A couple of days ago he asked me to remove my coil and would love to have children. He spoke to me about being sometimes you have to think about yourself. A couple of days later he has stated that I am not expressing anything meaningful? I obv have problems expressing or is it just the case I'm not saying what he wants me to? I love him very much and am over the moon with what we diacussed. I expressu love for him on a daily basis. Please help, where am I going wrong?


It sounds like your are very afraid of doing and saying things wrong and upsetting him. How could you possibly disrespect his children by having children with him if you are married to him? It sounds like (I'm guessing of course) you believe that the only way people will love you is if you please them always and never do anything "wrong" to displease them. Though there are some men that would enjoy having a partner like you, that wants to do everything "right" for them, it does not make for an equal relationship.