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Exhibitionist sex

Published on September 13, 2010 by alaricroman

I really like exhibitionist sex. My wife doesn't mind occasionally having sex on webcam (not showing our faces), but I want more. How can I get her to expand her boundaries and do more of it more often.


Hi. One of the most important aspects of a healthy marriage is communication. So, ask your wife, and let her know what you have as needs. Hopefully, you already have good communication, but if you don't, please ask her to do some counseling. Sometimes, you may need a qualified Marriage Counselor (MFT or CSW) to assist the two of you. The answer to being successful in communication is to listen completely to her, and have her listen the same way when you talk. If both of you have different needs in this regard, maybe you can negotiate a solution that takes both sides into consideration.

I agree with what Murray said. Well put. I would add to that:

If your wife does not have the hot spot for more webcam sex, even after she decides to do more, it's always best to move within the range of what she's enjoying. If you pressure it and she's not on the same page as you, then it can create a resentment and then she'll stop everything altogether. Also, I'd suggest broadening your tastes in sexforms, as I call them.

Let's do an initial consultation on all the new things I can teach you to add to your repertoire. The added benefit will be you wont get bored with your webcam sex sooner than you'd like and you'll have new things to show on your webcam. Nothing like quality sex footage because we all know there's not enough of that out there right now. Let's change that.