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ex problem.please help

Published on June 6, 2010 by renderxt

hello people!! well i was in a relationship for 2yrs..we broke 7 months ago but we still in contact. the truth is i love her and the reason i have not left her is because back when we started college in 2005, she was raped..and she even tried commiting suicide..we were doing long distance for few months because we from different places..she needed me alot and i alwaiz tried to be there, i had my studies to finish and i have got family problems as well..but what i didnt tell her was about my family problems because i was be honest when we broke up, she said alot of bad things to me, that i could not keep it from her and i just spilled the truth..and well she said i should have told her earlier..

and few weeks ago i stopped talkin to her because she told me she is geting arranged marriage and some guy was coming to see her so i decided to let it be...well i was missing her and hoping she is ok..

after 5days of no contact she started sending messages that she made a mistake and all..well i did not move so i replied...

now she wants to meet up and i said yes..

the question is what should i do now? should contact her or just wait to meet her and talk...todate we talk but i am the one putting alot of effort..i call her aand all.. I font know if calling her is the right thing or no..

Please advice.