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Ex keeps calling me

Published on November 1, 2013 by chovyachovya

I dated this guy for a few months until i left to go study in a different city and he decided to go back to his ex whom he dated for 2 or 3 yrs I'm not sure.. Right after he went back to his ex i found out i was pregnant with his baby and of course he wanted me to abort it. He then called frequently to check how I'm doing after the abortion. I later told him i was fine and did not need him calling me again. He said ok but went on calling and texting me. I do not reply because i know he still has a gf. However despite everything i still miss him a lot and whenever i get his texts and see his missed calls I'm torn and unsure what to do. Please advice.


He has moved on. It's really unfair for him to continue contacting you after you've broken up, he's moved on, and you've asked him to stop.

The right thing is that he is not yours. I would change your phone number or find a way to have his number blocked. If you call the cell provider and tell them you're being harassed, they will do it for you usually for free. But for your own sanity, you need to get away from him because it's only constant torment for you. You're not able to emotionally move on and heal because every time you try, he reopens the wounds with his calls.

Cut him loose and take whatever drastic measures you need to to make the contact stop. For the sanity of both of you.