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Ex boyfriend...getting back together??ugh

Published on July 4, 2013 by thissillygirl

He is an aries man... I broke up with him over disrespect. Went back to town and started dancing again. Yes stripping. He hound me over it everyday and told me how nasty and gross it was. Now we agreed I would quit and come back. Although now that plan isn't good enough for him and he wont tell me what he wants me to do. "Actions speak louder than words!" I love dancing but ya I could quit to be with him. AGAIN! This time I'm demanding a little more respect. And it wasn't because I wanted it more it was because I needed quick cash.

Last week we hung out and everything was great, we had sex and he told me he was really happy. Then yesterday Bam! "Well you don't respect me Shannon!" Just because I wont quit on the drop of a hat. Even though I have all my things at home except my shoes... But now I have to throw out my shoes and all the dancing gear. I just feel like nothing is good enough. How do I cope with this Aries man? I am a Capricorn so there's already problems there.. but what the ffff! I wish I could write more. He just keeps telling me how stupid I'm being and how young and naive I am. (He is 29 I'm 20). Btw no I'm not your typical stripper. I have a great brain on my shoulders. I love this stupid guy. He is just so disrespectful and even hung out with hs ex for beers.. I wouldn't do that to him because there used to be emotions with my ex's. No I'm not jealous. I'm just sick of hearing about how great she was and how great these new girls are. Compared to me. When he then says "I love you" How am I to believe that? I need a counsellor for this gaaaaaaaaah!


He sounds like an ass. But you want respect by the sounds of things its going to come from another guy and i bet he comes hounding again probably because your the best thing he has had but he ain't the best you can get. Keep looking the guy you find won't be Mr perfect but he should make an effort.