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Ex Boyfriend, Then FwB, Now Friends, What To Do?

Published on July 31, 2013 by gabalicious16

I dated this guy for about 3 years, from when we were 14-17. He dumped me basically because I wasn't compassionate enough and refused to give me my things back. About a month and a half later I approach him with the idea of FwB. Obviously were young and I wanted safe sex, we hardly use condoms because I'm on the pill and we know we're both....clean.. we've done it twice now, two days in a row, and its Nice, but he keeps kissing, even when I explain kissing is love, sex is sex. We're having sex not making love. And he continues to do it, when I ask him he says, well I like kissing. And I do too. But when we went to lunch we leaned over in my car and kissed my shoulder.. and I don't know why but I leaned away, he still got me and I said, "what was that?" and he answered by saying I don't know. When ever he leaves he insists on hugging and kissing goodbye, not to mention the immediate responses to texts. On a second note I've been on a few dates, I just graduated, he actually dumped me over text the day after graduation... classy. And he's still in high school for another year. He hasn't been dating just working 60+ hours a week, not cause he has to because he "likes it." He's slightly curious about the dates I've been on and as a friend i've been telling him. I still like him as much as it is to be expected and of course I'll always love him, i mean come on my first love, but I know I could never go back after the way he treated me through the breakup and just the simple fact that his mom had a huge hand in our breakup. So what does this all mean? Where is his head?

I finally got him to stay up past 9:30 we went out his curfew was 11:30 then he got it extended till 12. Then... Yeah ended up getting an hotel room. We had sex 3 times and talked about our feelings. He kept saying how his heart wanted me and his head cant. He kept wanting to snuggle and he said can we just pretend like it is how it use to be. Heres the thing, you don't spend 130$ on a booty call. You don't have unprotected sex... with the pill when you don't love, and you don't have sex when she's on her period if you dont love. He ended up saying that he cant do it and he likes not having to make decisions with thinking about anyone else. Now were friends.....? And susposto hang out tomorrow... Whats going on?