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Ex Boyfriend. Boyfriend, Ex boyfriend, BOYFRIEND....

Published on February 11, 2013 by blahblah

I have spent a lot of time on google, when i need an anwser, or maybe just to feel better when im going out of my mind.

Now i'll try this, perhaps someone will give me some insight.

I have been dating this guy for 9 months, its never been a easy relationship, because he is supposedly a commitment phobe, he had alot of childhood trauma that made him this way. Ive always accepted that and tried to be patient when he ran from me. And yes he ran every time we got close. Its been so hard to be on this roller coaster with him, and i often question why i am still here. We've been through alot since we've been together, and lately been fighting alot so were in the middle of break up # who knows.

Ive always been a strong woman, always the take no crap kind of girl. I dont let people walk all over me, and i dont tolerate BS. But this guy, makes me weak, really weak, was a great thing in the beginning, but now, not so much. Where i know i need to be strong enough to walk away, i find myself stuck. Waiting for his attention. He is moody, He is a work o holic, and when he finds time he says a few words to me here n there, usually becuse i initiate it.

Since this is not our first break up.. obviously this is our worst, a whole week goes by that we dont talk, probably you think (lol) but its not normal for our routine, so im trying to adjust, when you been with someone for a period of time, they become your habit, routine, etc.. Anyways during this break up when he's so cold to me, barely says anything to me, and gets frustrated when i go to him upset and needing something to make me feel better, its amazing to me that he acts like nothing has happend, while im falling apart, missing him terribly.

Then when its friday, he comes and flirts andThis has been our bad habit forever, so for me its normal when he wants to get back together, but this time he just went back to being "busy" again, and barely talkin to me, so i chose to ignore him, didnt speak to him for a couple of days, and then the next friday came along and he was flirting again, this time being very sweet, sentimental, saying he missed me, etc etc, saying he wanted to spend some time with me, so i said i miss you to.. we can spend time. That night we spent time, had sex, and then watched tv together for about 5 hours, then he went home, and now he's back to being the other way. Im so sick of this roller coaster, but i love this guy to peices, what do you think? Do you think he loves me? And is having a hard time letting go, like he says... OR am i just being a fool?