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Erotically charged with NO ammunition

Published on May 2, 2014 by epolstyle

I am 33. A very affectionate and sexual nature. Started dating a man that I am uber attracted to. I always want to touch him and have sex BUT for some reason(which has never happened before) I have been unable to climax like normal. If I do at all, it takes damn near an hour, and is very weak. I really am unsure what is happening. Advice?


The ability to orgasm is directly linked to hormone balance in women as well as mental and emotional states. Feelings of anger, insecurity, fear or anxiety can all dampen the ability to orgasm. But if the emotional picture is clear and the ability to orgasm is present but takes a long time, the most likely cause is hormonal. Women's libido and ability to orgasm are influenced by estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and oxytocin. If she is under stress, a woman's progesterone and oxytocin can be suppressed and it will be more difficult for her to reach orgasm. Lower levels of these hormones are like having a slow fuse, a woman can build up her intensity but to reach the summit and achieve orgasm it may take a long time for the hormonal cascade to occur. Working with a health practitioner versed in endocrinology can be a sex saver. The practitioner can evaluate your hormone balance and help you rectify any imbalances often with natural medicine and without needing pharmaceuticals.