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Emotional Attachments fwb

Published on April 1, 2014 by serenityhere

I like to have sex, a lot of sex. it occupies my mind 90 % of the time. I have a few sexual partners, just guys I get with and they're kinda my friends with benefits. Don't drill me on STDS I use protection. The problem is that guys ask me out on dates thinking Im a "nice girl" and even if I want to take things a little more serious with them I cant help myself and end up having sex with them. By the time I've made that choice I've already built up chemistry so the emotional attachment starts kicking in. I choose to have sex with guys I could be in a relationship with but then do as much as possible to push the idea of a relationship away! What's wrong with me?? Since I have made myself out to be a sex craving minx, guys have told me they cant trust me. One guy said he would like me to be his girlfriend but I was too wild. I'm really a hopeless romantic and am confused. HELP ME, how do I get rid of emotional attachments so I don't have the luggage of thinking I need a relationship weighing me down?


It sounds like you do want a relationship though. And in my experience, sex in a long term relationship brings the benefit of knowing how to please each other which is so much better than awkward first time sex with a new partner. Good luck sorting out your feelings on this one.