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Drunk texting nightmare, can I remedy a bad impression?

Published on August 2, 2009 by jules15

I drunk texted a guy that I recently met, have hung out with a few times and who I like a lot. Unfortunately, last night I told him how much I liked him and rambled on in a TWO-PART text about how hot he was, did he want to meet up later, etc. etc. How do I repair what is surely a tarnished image with him? He didn't reply to the texts, but he knew I was at a party and drinking. Gah, I'm embarrassed.


really hun i would not worry aabout this at all. I mean think about it at least you no he truly knows how you feel. and if he has not texted you back then maybe he is not the texting type... or maybe he knew that you may have been drunk and he did not want to respond in fear of you telling him that you only wrote it because you were drunk and those are not your real feelings .... both of these are very real possiblitie but if i were you, if a day or two has past i would call him. act natual and if he brings it up just tell him how you really feel .