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Drinks with Ex-BF after 5 years later?

Published on September 23, 2013 by sugarmomma

Having a hard time understanding what his intentions were. I recently had drinks with an ex after about 5 years of not seeing each. He text me and asked to catch up over drinks, The conversation was generic, nothing from the past. but within the 1st hour, he already invited me to his place for something, when I said no, he had no interest in that something. so we went to another bar for drinks. BTW i was only drinking water. Again he invited me to his place for another day to watch something, again I said no. we didn't hug, he awkwardly held my hand and I left. He seem nervous, sweating, speaking loudly and fidgety. But I want ask him what were his intentions? should I or not? I was left with more questions. I never slept with him when we were together, so thats I question, was this for a hookup?


btw I was the one who ended whatever we had 5 years ago, I deleted from my life so I was shocked to hear from him. He has made attempts in the past to contact me.

I have a question for you. Do you intend on seeing him again? If not, I wouldn't bother asking him. In general, I believe you should leave your ex in the past.

There is a reason he decided to contact you after 5 years. The problem is, he hasn't been very forthcoming about his intentions, so any answers to your questions is just speculation and mind-reading. If you are still interested in him, and would like to pursue a relationship, I suggest setting up a date to talk. Find out more about what's been going on with him and why he called you after so long.

That's the difficult part, how can I approach him and ask him this question without making it awkward & putting myself out there. Part of me feels like this contact was for familiarity reason & hookup.