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Drama From a Friend

Published on August 7, 2014 by noelle94

A few weeks ago I talked to a mutual friend of a guy I really liked. She told me that she saw on his fb page a pic of him with another female at a business event. She said when she called and asked him if that was his girlfriend, he said he didn't know her. Furthermore she told me that he had been telling her for years (they've been friends for a long time) that he's gonna marry her. They've also had conversations about me, where she told him I'd make a good wife for him. This is the first time she's told me about him flirting with her. I told her she was getting me depressed about this, but she tried to comfort me by saying that was in the past. I'm thinking all this time he was flirting with me he's flirting with her as well. As i further talked with her she said that she "cares" about him. But toward the end of our conversation she said she's gonna unfriend him on fb because he plays games too much. In short, this situation just confirmed that although I'm hurting a little bit, that God was protecting me from this situation for a reason. This is drama, mess, and confusion, and God is not the author of confusion. This weekend this same friend called me but she did not leave a message. I found it interesting that she called after our last conversation a few weeks ago. I wonder what may have been her reason for calling, but I have decided not to call her back. What do you make of this?


Do you think that it's possible that your friend is after this guy and is trying to get you out of the running for his attention? This guy hasn't technically done anything wrong, it is fully possible for the picture with the other girl to have just been an acquaintance- with work events it's all about networking and meeting new people. I just feel like we are not getting the whole story. Why don't you strike up a conversation with this guy and see how it goes and what kind of vibe you personally get from him? (without interference from anyone else) You don't have a commitment with him, so any kind of "flirting" in the past, real or imagined, is harmless. You know these people. Trust your instincts