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dont know where i am

Published on April 20, 2009 by shaw66

i was with my husband for 10 years married for 8 of those the last 5 years ive felt that he was leaving me behind for his friends, i felt second best, i used to love to go out with him untill he used to leave me in a pub to talk to his friends, we had am arguement about my family and he said he wanted a divorce so i told him that i was planning to move out which i was to view a flat the week he wanted the divorce he was shocked, istayed in our home untill i found a flat, then i moved out i did it to give us some space, and that we would still see each other i loved him so much and he loved mehe did say before i left that he was scared that he was doing the wrong thing, i moved out and as soon as i did he moved hi male friend in and his friends girlfriend cause he said he couldnt afford to live in our house alone, so we were ok he was texting me and we even still had sex, but then it all stopped when i text him he said he was busy and i felt so bad i was crying all the time, then i found out that he as he said it dating his friends sister i was gutted but i didnt show it to him. im still in love with him and he to a friend that he still loved me and he dosnt want to get divorced, i dont know what to do where to go from here please help.


He said it "to a friend" but he didn't say it to you. Unless he admits to you that he wants to stay with you, what you hear through the grapevine doesn't matter.

I think you need to learn to let him go. It sounds like you two have been miserable for a while.