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dont like having sex

Published on November 1, 2010 by fuzbuz

Im a young healthy 25 year old women, and ive been married for nearly 5 years. Over these past two years, i have gone off sex and cant be bothered with it, its actually causing problems with me and my hubby now coz im never in the mood or i'm always exhausted. Could you please advice me in what i can do?


See a doctor, there may be something wrong. Also, remember when you and your husband first fell in love and try to recreate those honeymooner moments. If you act dull, you obviously won't want sex. Next time you see him, take baby steps and kiss him a little more or flirt with him. If you're tired, take him to bed early so you can cuddle with him before you guys go to bed. Also,you probably can't remember how great sex was. Just force yourself to do it...and then you'll want it all the time. Spending so much time NOT having sex will make you forget what it feels like and you won't want it. Maybe you should go watch something sexy, and then you'll want more. ; ) Trust me.

If you don't like sex, try massage because when massage is also like sex, it can simulate the G-spot.

Maybe you need to see a doctor,about low iron, since you say your tied all the time.

i'm feeling something is going on, do c a doc u feel comfortable with and get checked out, hormonal level all that, mayb watch an adult movei with your sweetie and kinda let the mood let go, hope that helps.

I agree with the other posters, see a doctor and see if something physical is going on. The fatigue is a strong indicator that something may be. Go to a doctor you trust and listens well to your story. If that's your regular doctor, then go see him/her. While you are getting yourself checked out physically, also consider emotional factors. Has there been a death or serious illness in your family or amongst your friends? Have you lost a job or didn't get a promotion? Be aware that nearly everyone has periods of low interest in sex. It can be triggered by physical or emotional events but it can also just be a period you are going through. If the phsycial check-up turns up nothing, consider finding a good therapist or counselor. She/he can help you make sense of your situation regardless of its cause, even if it does turn out to be physical. Many women don't reach their sexual peak until their mid to late 30's. Low sexual desire in your 20's can be just where you are right now. Finally, keep open and honest communication going with your husband. its vital that you both actively listen to each other with compassion. Here again, a therapist can help. When one or both of you feels there is little hope, a therapist can guide your through it. It may take time but it is possible. I wish you well.