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Does withholding sex strengthen relationship?

Published on October 8, 2012 by jazmine24

I have been with my bf for about a year now and I feel like the relationship has lost its passion and romance. We are both college students who still live at home and there is no where to have intercourse. In the beginning we would go to hotels, but now my bf asks to have intercourse in car and the odea of that is not romantic. Would it be wrong to tell him I dont want to have intercourse in a car and to make it special even if we cant since we both live at home. Any suggestions?


Compromise. Tell him a girl wants to feel special, and you really like and appreciate it when he goes to the effort of setting up a special evening of romance with you making love.

At the same time (this is the compromise part - and it will really hook him), occasionally go for the quick "gotta have you now" romp in the car or some other convenient place. That will do wonders for his ego, as it conveys to him the message that he's such a hot, irresistible stud that you can't help but sometimes jumping him in the first place you can drag him without getting arrested. Making a game/fantasy out of it may go a long way towards injecting some passion back into your relationship.

P.S. NEVER use the withholding of sex as a punishment (no man responds well to the punishment). However, you can quite easily offer sex as a reward when he's done something to please you.