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Does time halt the love that two people can possibly have?

Published on June 2, 2012 by marisha22

Fate brings two people together in unexpected ways. If you believe in love, then fate is also part of the deal. I'm 19, and while doing some PR for a dating site for an event; I had to sign up to promote. As I wanted to delete it, I rambled about the lack of passionate artists. Within minutes I met him. We spoke from there on out with an instant connection and burning passion in our careers, art, life and so much more. After meeting up, dating actually, I felt something in my heart. He had bad relationships before as did I but as the months went on I came to realize he is the male version of myself.

He loves his career and is going to do anything and work hard to succed in it. In all honestly i couldnt have dealt with someone who wasnt just as succesful as myself at a young age. Being the son of a doctor, he had  a lot to live up to. He because so busy that he had no time to give me the attention I deserve. For that, he was deeply sorry and very gentlemen like about it. He never really broke my heart in a sense and he did care about me very much I just had to understand that we were two people who I feel like we met at the wrong time.

After reassuring months later that we couldnt be more than friends, I felt heartbroken then.

Im a selfless person in general, a badass hopless romatic but very kind and warmheart inside. I see the beauty that otehrs fail to see in themselves. I only wanted the perfect guy i had met. About a week later, He texts me in hope that we resume a relationship of any sort, we arent boyfriend and girlfriend and i find myself understanding that he's closer than before but waiting it out so in hopes his schedule clears then it can work.

So im asking, out of everyone in the world, the one time a guy was brought to me and i was shown for the first time I could be myself, happy, appreciate my already wonderful life im living, Did we meet at a bad time? If I had met him 2 yrs from now, and successful people with a subsatntial amount of work load honestly it could have worked out.

Was he brought into my life for a reason? I know so but does time halt the love two poeple can possibly have?


Love is an adventure and it involves risk. None of us like the risk, but the alternative is worse: to live in a cave and hide from being hurt.

Good luck on your adventure. Don't worry about the explanations, just go with what you've got.

You are right. It is a risk that I am taking, I feel like if I do otherwise it could ruin something that was given to me for a reason and from that I should learn and grow and enjoy my adventure.Thank you.

Yes, as was said, love certainly is an adventure that is not without risks. And, yes, we believe that everyone comes into our lives for a reason-- to help us learn what we need to learn. Powerful lessons can be learned with someone even if they aren't in your life for a long period of time. Either way, the opportunity to learn and grow is there.

It sounds like your guy is being upfront with you about his priorities. This is actually a healthy thing. The question is can you really be okay with the kind of relationship he's offering you?

From what you write, it sounds like his work is his top priority and he is willing to be close friends with you. Is this something you can truly be okay with? There are no guarantees that this will change for him (or you) in the future.

Be sure you are honest with yourself and really listening to what he's willing to do now and not expecting him or the situation to change-- you just can't know if it will or it won't.

Best Wishes, Susie and Otto Collins

The second time around made me realize that I had to be okay with what he was offering me. You are right, he said it himself, that there is no guarantee. I support him with everything even if he knows that Im just too good for him but I dont know if it will or it wont. Like the previous reply, I have to go with the flow and live my life while he does but as long as we both have a special place for each other in our hearts if it were meant to be then it will happen i guess. Thank you :)