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Does smoking pot take away the desire to have sex?

Published on February 6, 2010 by sscalco

I am 44 and my boyfriend is 38. We have been dating for a year and a half.During the "honeymoon" stage sex was wild and wonderful and it happened on a very frequent basis. Now, he smokes lots of pot (which he didn't before) and I have to beg for sex or be the aggressor all the time.He thinks if i preform oral sex on him and he pinches my nipples while I am satisfying him with oral sex, he thinks that the whole scenario should be good enough for both of us. Also, when we do have sex, there is barely no foreplay- he might be inside of me for less than a minute before he is done for the night and I really get nothing out of it. What can I do to help our sex life out?


NO. If anything it increases the desire. I smoke with my girlfriend almost every time before sex. Not to make it better, because we are regular smokers anyways. What can help him from finishing faster is, maybe trying to skip out on oral sex at the beginning of sex. That can give him more time having sex with you. If u go from oral sex to sex and u 30 plus, the man may have diffulculty staying in the mood. Get more pleasure for your self. like tryning 69. that can please him but also take mental ocus off of him as well because he his trying to please u as well. that should make it last longer.

I have read that smoking lots of pot can affect your dopamine so that you need more and more excitement to get you going. So it might affect your sex life and make you crave novelty. In other words, it might take more to get it up.

You need to talk to your boyfriend about why he isn't interested in sex anymore. It could be the pot, but it might also be depression, health problems, weight gain (his), lack of exercise, anxiety, fatigue, etc. It could be something about the two of you to work on like getting in a routine or being angry about something.

In the meantime, I recommend trying to do things that make him feel less stressed or depressed or whatever. It might work.