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Does She Like Me or Is She Just Playing Games?

Published on October 3, 2012 by liam the rockstar

There's this restaurant that I am a regular at.  I know a lot of the employees.  I have known the hostess for about a year.  Within that time she has been doing the following:  She introduced herself after she noticed that I come there often and made the comment that she wanted to eat out a lot after she gets out of college.  Then another time she would make small talk.  Then another time she made the comment that one of the dishes I always order is her favorite...(so I said "would you like some?  because I thought she was hinting that she was hungry)  she said "no I'll get anyway I took a break from going there and when I came back, I was sitting at the bar and she comes up from behind me and hugs me.  So I was thinking what's that about?  Then recently, I was there and I again ordered the dish we both seem to like, and she comes over to me and asks "just one?"...and I just let her have a nibble and chuckled.  Well I was thinking this girl may like me but sometimes she draws near where I'm sitting and then other times she kinda ignores me.  So I'm thinking she's playin hard to get or whatever.  But I do usually talk to her when I'm there.  She has never mentioned a boyfriend.  So I finally asked her if she wanted to go to this other restaurant and she is sitting at the bar with her legs up on the barstool and her legs pointed toward me she said she has no life because she is working full time and going to school full time...I was thinking that was the blow-off, not interested...but eating off my plate and hugging me, etc.  What do you think? Is she just a big flirt, a player?