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Does she like me?

Published on June 9, 2013 by knights5

So one of my mates set me up with a date for our prom, and we met a couple of times before as a group and the girl i was set up with was really nice and easy to talk to. Then at the formal I had a really nice time and my band played and we had a great time, and about halfway through the night we had a really long conversation that was nice and then she asked if I wanted to go and dance again just the two of us. After a while I asked her out on the balcony overlooking the water and asked her if she was free on Sunday night, and she said she was doing stuff with family, but wondered why I wanted to know. And I said I wanted to ask her out to dinner, and she said shed love to sometime but clarified as friends, and I said yeah. She said I was really really nice and would love to keep seeing me. I really like her but have been told at she is really focused on her final high school exams in 4 months so she doesn't want to date until then so when she said as friends I said yes not wanting to push it. I hope to date her after the final exams because I couldn't think of a more beautiful, lovely and kind girlfriend. Is she interested, and what should I do from now to then?