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does my x want me back?

Published on April 7, 2010 by tigger

he ended it and moved on only a week ago as he cheated on me. we lived togather and there were no warning signs we were even in bed togather the night before he dumped me! now he still texts me, i have seen him a couple of times but he finds it hard to look me in the eye, he has invited me to racing with him, and texted me last night to say it was good to see me, what is je playing at? help. x


I am not sure what he is playing at, but why would you go out with him again? Why would you put yourself right back in the hands of a man who has treated you so poorly? No matter what game he is at, don't play. Break off ties and move on.

I agree with Lyz. Even if he does want you back, why on earth would you want him back? Keep your composure and your sense of self-respect and tell him to take a hike.

DONT DO IT!!!!!! lol boys are pigs! i took back my ex OVER and OVER, and he just ended up cheating on me OVER and OVER. so i wouldnt. guys always want what they cant have! and you know your better than him! so DONT!!

Ok, thanks for the replies, they have kind of helped, but i need to explain a little more in detail. My x is young and his mum was taken from him at a early age so is grandparents brought him up. He has had everything and he is a kind and caring person. We had been together for a whille and we had moves in together and everything was great, he was open an honest, kind and affectionate, everything i wanted we had no complaints with each other. Then last week one night he was hiding his phone in his pocket but i didnt say anything, we went to bed that night, (in that way too) we woke up as we always did cuddled up. I was curious about his phone so i sneeked it and there were messages from a girl saying i cant wait to see you tonight. i didnt let i no i knew as i wanted to see if he would go, he went out with his mate that was with us at the time and ne texted me 2 hours later to sorry its like this but i will be getting my things tomorrow, but me and the family still want to see you, you will always be part of the family. i have tried to get over this but i cant he has really crushed my world, i still love him and i rwally cant let him go, i have had past relationship that was serious of 10 years and it took me 4 years to get over, he was the only guy to breack my defences and let into my heart. Now a week later he is still texting me to see if im ok he turns up at his grandparents house when he knows i will be there, he has gone out of his way to see where i am in my car, When i have seen him at his grandparents house ( which i have ties so i have to be there and they care too much about me to just cut them off) he cant look me in the eye, yesterday i left suddenly when he came round to his grandparents house and after 10 minutes he is textin me "you left in a rush wots up" i said just need to go, he said why wots up, so i said nothing is, then he text, ok. i cant figure him out when i see him if he has a friend in tow he makes comments about how his new love did this and that, not directly at me but in earshot so i can here, but if he is on his own at his grandparents house and i am there he does not mention her. i am just confused as to what he is thinking or trying to do as there were no warning signs that things were wrong between us and he just ups and leaves me for her and now his actions since are so confusing. sorry.