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Does my fwb wants a relationship?

Published on November 2, 2013 by pandadromen

Since one month I'm seeing a guy. I'm totally crazy about him. We have a fwb-relationship and I've fallen in love with him. He's all I can think about. The sex is more than amazing and after the sex we cuddle for hours. He said he didn't have feelings for me, but holds my hand in public and I get messages during the whole day. I know it sounds crazy, but when I look into his eyes, I'm for sure there's something more. When we meet, we're together for about 5 hours. We're watching movies, cuddle all the time and sometimes he makes dinner for me. He introduced me to his parents, brother and sister and I'm going to meet his grandmother. We also made plans to go to a wellness centre together and arrange to spending the whole night together. One time I came over, he played guitar for me. he had never done this for anyone. It fellt really special. I just don't know what to do. I'm seriously in love with him... As I said before, he said he didn't love me. But last time when I asked him to kiss me he said: that's stuff for relationships and after he said that he kissed me. I'm really confused because he's saying he doesn't love me, but his actions make me doubt. I just don't know.. Today we met again, we made plans to go to a hotel for a weekend. He also told me he wouldn't do anything with someone else and this time he didn't want to hook up but just wanted to cuddle all the time. We're in class together and I see him five days at school, we always see each other in the weekend and once after school. As you can see we see each other quite daily... He often kisses me on the forehead and holds my hand all the time (even if we're having sex!) . Last time we hooked up, he helped me dressed after it. he said " when I can take your clothes off, it's honest to help you get dressed" . When I'm going home, he always holds my hand till I'm at the door and kisses me goodbye. I think he's fallen in love with me too, but I keep thinking about what he said.. ( that he wasn't searching for a relationship and he didn't felt something for me)...