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Does my Friend with Benefits want more?

Published on March 20, 2014 by daisy542

We've known each other for under a year and have been friends with benefits (or F-Buddies) since after we first met, we both didn't want a relationship at the time.. I met someone else but then it wasn't very serious, it lasted about 4 months on and off and everytime it didn't work I went back to my friend with benefits, it was all good at the time as it was do the deed and go home, it didn't hurt me at all cause even though I'm attracted to him, it has always been that way and we had an understanding and I've kept in my head that there's nothing more than us being just fuck buddies...

But recently he asked me to stay at his twice, first time I went home straight after we woke up, but the second time was different...

We spent the next morning cuddling in bed, then doing things we both enjoyed (music) and went out for lunch (his suggestion to grab something to eat and where as well ) it was a nice day so he suggested to sit outside in the garden, we had a chat and listed to music... After that I said I needed to go and this wasn't till late afternoon, (we didn't have sex btw as I told him I had period before I even went round his but I gave him a bj - sorry for the tmi but I think it's vital info) after this day the whole concept of me and him in my brain is now all fuzzy... I've liked him from day one and always thought he was a nice guy, so now I can't stop thinking about him and I don't know wether for him I'm still just a f-buddy. The same night we were talking about me exercising and he mentioned losing me over some d*ckhead and I said "you better try and keep me then" joking and he said "I am trying" I just wished he never said it, joke or not it's just messing with my head... I haven't seen him since and he's been very off-ish on text.

I really don't know what to do. Someone help me, what should I say? Or do? I'm very confused :-( and am I right to be confused?


Dear daisy542,

It seems quite clear he has deeper feelings for you. The best solution is to figure out if you want to have a real relationship with him and then talk to him. F-buddies rarely stay that way long before one or the other person starts to develop deeper feelings. Just ask him and be prepared for the answer. If he chickens out and says no, then it could change your arrangement. But if he says yes, you guys might just be a good match.

Ultimately it sounds like you both want the same thing and are too afraid of either rejection or risking a relationship when so many don't work out. Take a leap of faith and go for it :)

Good luck!