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Does my ex-boyfriend want to get back with me?

Published on March 1, 2010 by shaylabag

My ex-boyfriend and I broke up 3 weeks ago and I am 16 weeks pregnant. We do not talk on the phone only texting. When he found out I was pregnant, it seems like he changed and became a different person. He started talking to old female high school friends and did not want to talk about the pregnancy. We were together for 6 yrs and he even proposed last year. He works out of state and left the same week we broke up so I am not sure if he just needs time away from me to clear his mind or if he is truly done with the relationship. I am 29 and he is 23 and his first relationship. Could it be that he hasnt had the chance to do everything that young adults do that is causing him the doubt now that I am pregnant. I still have access to his checking account where he tells me to take money out as I need it. He told me he was coming home at the end of March so I just need some advice. Do you think he wants to get back together or is he done with the relationship?


It's hard to say. It's obvious that he feels a legal and financial responsibility to his child, so the good news is that he's willing to be the father of your baby. Rationally speaking, you were his first girlfriend and you started dating him when he was 17 and you were 23, so I definitely think that will factor into his behavior because he's been bound to you as his only relationship since he was a teenager. Technically speaking this isn't a good thing as younger people need a chance to explore relationships and their own sense of identity as they grow older. Now a whole new world of responsibility has been thrust on him since he's going to be a father. The one thing you don't mention is whether or not you want him back? Do you want the relationship to work or do you just feel an obligation because you're pregnant or it's already been 6 years? These are not good enough reasons to stay with someone. When he gets back you should discuss with him how you're going to work out your relationship. You're going to have to have a relationship with him because of your child, whether it ends up being a romantic one or a platonic one is up to him and you. If you end up not staying together in the end, you'll have to figure out child support and visitation rights which will require getting legal counsel involved.