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Does my boyfriend still love me?

Published on January 25, 2013 by morenee01

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now. Hebis 25 and I am 20. At the beginning of the relationsip it was amazing! He was so caring and always showed me he loves me but now he doesnt. He tells me he loves me but doesnt show it like he used to and I no longer feel happy or good about myself. I always put everything into our relationship but the past month I have been very distant from him because Im beginning to recent him for the things he has done to me. In my last relationship I was physically abused and it has taken me awhile too move on from that, and my boyfriend knows that. Yet, my boyfriend has pushed me and put his hands on me a few times already. He is really verbally abusive and It is taking a toll on me. For the past few months we have not has sex because he cant get hard and if he does he cant stay hard. I feel so unattractive be he tells me its not my fault, that he is just stressed out. He says he is very attracted to me and that i am the best he ever had. He says the reason he cant get hard is because gets preformance anexity with me... Well last night on the way home we got in an arguement because he was driving like a crazy person. He got really mad through the arguement and told me that he is not attracted to me and that i cant even get him hard and that I am bad at sex. I was so hurt when he said that. Later he told me that he just said that to make me mad. I feel horriable about myself and im becoming depressd. I really love him but idk what to do anymore! We want the same things in life and he told me after I finish college he wants to marry me. Im hurt and confused. Advice please!!