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Does money really not matter?

Published on November 18, 2010 by divorced women online

I started dating someone new this past week. And though I like him and think he has many wonderful qualities, something big stands in the way of my growing interest in him - he lives pay check to pay check.

Immediately some of you will cry out, "Oh money doesn't matter, don't be so shallow!" But a strong part of me thinks it DOES at this point in my life. I am divorced with kids (ex has little to do with them), am living pay check to paycheck myself, and feel like my plate of to-dos so overflowith that someone else's financial 'tightness' would cause even more stress!

He says I'm 'scared of a relationship' - but the truth is, the financial part is what scares me. I want to make SMART choices - I've already learned that love ISN'T enough. Anyone else in this position? Am I feeling guilty for something I shouldn't be?