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Does it help a relationship if you schedule a date night?

Published on July 4, 2012 by tonysgirl522

My fiancee and I live with his elderly parents to help out. His father recently had a stroke and was diagnosed with dementia. We tried making plans but his mother doesn't respect it.we never have time alone except for bed and we fall right asleep.(I even had a miscarriage due to stress & constantly being busy)


It sounds like the problem is more about your future mom-in-law not respecting you and your fiance's alone time than about you and him scheduling it. Maybe the both of you should sit down with her and explain that you two would like to have some designated time to yourselves. To even show that you're being considerate, ask her about her schedule so that you and your fiance can schedule your alone time without stepping on her toes. When you finally schedule a date night, commit to it! Date nights don't have to be fancy and elaborate, but some thought should be put into it. Send cute little reminders days before the date or text each other with "I can't wait for our date tonight" messages. You definitely won't be too tired for that date later on! Overall, I strongly encourage couples to do date nights as it can maintain the spice in the relationship so don't waste another minute and mark your calendar!

Regularly scheduled date nights help IMMENSELY in a relationship - you need time together when it's all just about you two.