I met my boyfriend on the (free) dating site We're going on 6 months. I briefly dated another guy I met on there, and it turns out he met the love of his life on there as well. She lived several states away and just moved in with him to start a life together.

I met my husband on an internet dating site. My best friend met hers on a gaming site. bot of our husbands are from out of state and started as long distance relationships, which was difficult. Both of our husbands are FANTASTIC. I suppose it depends on what you are looking for, what you are willing to do to get it and how you go about it. WARNING: be super careful and go slow. Know that not veryone on those sites has the most honorable of intentions.

I met my boyfriend on too! I didn't think I was ready to get back into dating, but I put up a profile as a way to get a friend online. She is always complaining about not meeting any good guys. (She gets offended when guys she meets in bars are married or only want sex.) I was having fun answering questions (BTW-user generated questions), replying on forums and writing in my journal (blog). I had some enjoyable conversations and went on one date. I just wanted to start "flexing" that dating muscle-- again not thinking I could really meet a great guy online.

I saw one cute guy who is totally my type, but he smokes (and I hate smoking). But since I wasn't looking for anything serious, I figured 'what the hell' and woo'd (like a wink) him. Well, despite his smoking, he is perfect for me. I know it's only been 5 months, but sometimes you just know when it's a good thing.

Try lots of different sites, read about how to put together a good profile (try not to use photos that look like a mug shot) and don't take it very seriously. If you go into it with the attitude that you have to 'kiss alot of frogs', you won't put so much pressure on each encounter.

Good Luck!