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Does he want to "fix" things?

Published on May 19, 2013 by tripplet18

Ok, so this is a long story, but I am going to try and shorten it as possible to get to the point. Anyways, there was this guy that I used to like and I had this MAJOR crush on him; I've liked him for about 4 years (not including this year). Him and I had really big problems due to the fact that his friends started getting involved with me liking him. There would be lots of teasing and harassing and them just basically bugging me. They even made up lies and stuff just to hurt me and bring me down. So long story short; we had our prom this year and during it he just kept starring at me and was like always near me on the dance floor. Even when I slow danced with a friend of mine just to have fun, he kept looking at me. Sometimes, the way he looked at me was as if he was scared of me, and other times he would look at me as if he wanted to work things out with me. Now, I feel as though I have to deal with TWO guys because I like someone else and not him and it's just gotten confusing for me now. So, does he really wanna fix things, or is he just looking for like attention or something?


I wouldn't try to interpret his "looks" or stares if you say your not interested in him. How can you "fix" something that not broken? Unless your sending mixed-signals and trying to lead him on then and only then he is reacting to this. You wrote you "Used" to like, which is past tense, and you "had" a major crush, which is also past tense. Sounds like you keep up a lot of drama so it would be best to stop speculating. Maybe it was never meant to be, so for now just be faithful to the guy your with and don't think that every guy who looks at you WANTS you or your going to be seriously mistaken when its just not the truth