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Does he want something from me?

Published on April 20, 2013 by crabolina

There's a guy I was hanging out with a couple of times, we made out etc. at parties and talked a lot online, but then he got together with another girl. One night while drunk I made a move on him, but he told me even though it's very hard for him as he is attracted to me, he will not cheat on his girlfriend and disrespect her. Now he and I work together and we still talk a lot online, he always asks me about whether I am seeing someone and seems to criticize whoever I say I like. One night he was rather drunk and he told me how hot he thought I was. He always stares at me and seems to look after me. I know he likes me but I don't know if anything is ever going to happen?


Figuring that out is like going to the casino expecting to win 7 million If he said he don't cheat on girlfriends respect that and don't make it a temptation for him. Looking at you is not cheating or lusting you ok...ok, men gonna look and wonder if it is worth it to stray