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does he think i am crazy?

Published on April 3, 2010 by niha

theres a guy in my class. i sit behind him. I often caught him staring at me. he is cute so i started liking him. and then i did something really stupid. i added him on facebook and sent him an email (casual email). but he did not accept my friend's request(he hasnt ignored it yet). this means he is not interested in me.. so why he still stares at me.. and whenever i look at him he tries to hold his eyecontact .. is he trying to give me an angry look just to letme know that he is not interested?


It's hard to know what these things mean, especially when people are not being forthright with their feelings or intentions. Could be he is being a jerk and making fun of you. Or could be he does think you are cute, but is playing games. You have three choices here, 1) you can stop playing his game. It's over. You called his bluff. Move on. 2) You can talk to him and ask him why he is staring at you. Although, if he is being a jerk this powerplay will make him feel defensive and he might start mocking you. 3) Or you can continue like things are.

I'd personally opt for #1. No sense in wasting time with a guy who is being that obtuse.