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does he still care about me?

Published on March 5, 2010 by forever

me and this guy went out at the beginning of the year but we broke up a few times. we kind of stopped talking after the last time we broke up. now, everytime he sees me in the hallway he says something mean but he's joking. like sometimes he'll open his arms for his friend to hug him and he'll say something loud like i want tonya to hug me but she doesn't want to just randomly. and today i walked past him in a hurry to get upstairs cuz i had to leave school but i had to run up and talk to a teacher real quick and i almost ran into him then he screamed down the hallway and was like fine just don't talk to me. but he's always joking. i'm guessing he's trying to get me to talk to him. so does that mean he still cares about me and maybe wants to try to be at least friends?


Honey you need to lay down an ultimatum. Stop the games he's trying to lay down. Call him up and ask to meet with him somewhere so you can talk face to face with no interruptions. You two really need to talk about the situation before any kind of interest deteriorates. It's either you two can patch up to make up, or call it off. Breaking up and making up too many times could ruin anything.....

no, i just decided to stop talking to him. he's just being a jerk. he complains when i don't talk to him and when i try to talk to him he walks by and acts like he didn't see or hear me.