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does he like me or is he playing me

Published on February 16, 2014 by catherineven

So this guy and I are really good friends since about a year or so. I almost instantly fell in love with him but I didn't act on it because he had a girlfriend. Eventhough he had a girlfriend he still flirted with me a lot.. We text each other almost every day and were pretty often together at school. I did ask him out to go to a movie, just as friends, an he said yes. We went to the movies and we had a lot of fun. During the movie our arms were touching the whole time. At first I thought it was just because the armrest was pretty small but if I moved away he came closer again. After the movie he brought me home but nothing else happened. Then a couple weeks ago he broke up with his girlfriend because they couldn't be together often and because they just enervated each other. We just kept on flirting. Then a couple nights ago I asked him to go to the movies with me again. He said yes. After the movie we went to have a drink and we talked for about tree hours. We talked about who of our friends we taught were beautiful and who we would like to go out with and stuff.. We also gossiped a lot!! We talked a little bit about sex as well. When we went home (we were both there with our own cars) he drove behind me and made sure I got home safe. When I got home I thought he would kiss me our something but he actually got back in his car real quickly and went home himself.

I really do like him and I would like nothing more then to kiss him. But does he feel the same way??? Next week he is going to a party with a bunch of friends and he asked me to come too. Pleeeaaassee help me and tell me what you think!

P.S.: - he also said a couple of times that if we were both 30 and still single he would marry me.. (but he also said I would def. find a boyfriend) - he does flirt and text with a couple of other girls - we are both studying medicine and he said he def. want to marry someone who is a doctor - he likes to glance at my boobs and he even complemented me on them (in a sweet way) - he is really pretty, I am NOT! (I am a bit on the heavy side (not overweight though) but he said I really do not have to lose weight - he came over the my house once during the summer and we baked some chocolate cakes together (he still had a girlfriend at that time)

Thank you a lot in advance for all the wise words you are going to tell me... X


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