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Does he like me more than a friend?

Published on June 25, 2013 by sashaeugenie23

I have been hanging out with this guy for the past 2 months along our mutual friends so like a group of us would all go out clubbing etc. Anyways, I had always had some kind of attraction to daniel, and I just found we would be really comfortable around eachother yet he is a shy/reserved guy. I started to develop a little feelings, but based that he has never had a girlfriend and very little experience with girls I tried to look for signs if he liked me more than a friend. signs:

  1. sometimes I can see him staring at me in the corner of my eye, there is also 2 photos where in the background he is staring directly at me when I was taking a photo.
  2. at a party, he literally said "come sit on my lap.." and did a smile with it, so I sat on it but yet he didnt really hold kind of thing, just literally sat there with his hands on his arm rest.
  3. he once squeezed my ass, and I caught him and he was like "noo it wasnt me!" and do this little smile etc. it was.
  4. body language: he seems to always be standing in front of me or just really close me, especially if we are dancing in a club with people I will always find him next to me/diagonal from me.
  5. when I sat on his lap, I went to go sit on another's guy just casually and he just got in a bad mood and I asked him what was wrong and he was like "I dont care, do whatever you want!" (although he tends to get moody when he drinks.)
  6. he teases/jokes ALOT around me e.g. once threw icecubes down my top, or will just make fun of me in general.
  7. if my girlfriends are around, they think he is shy/boring but when he is around me is all giggly and happy.
  8. naturally Im a funny person, but even some things I say arent necessarily funny and he just has a laugh and a big smile..
  9. once in a club, I thought i'd make a move and started grinding on him and i did and i said "you are so loving this arent you" and he just did a coy shy smile and said nothing.
  10. he will randomly touch me, like literally "lean" on my shoulder or once he just Punched me in the arm?
  11. when we talk its always like happy and fun
  12. he doesnt really associate much with other girls & if he is around girls he DEFENTILY does not give them this kind of attention.
  13. at first the eyecontact would be a bit brief, like if I was sitting on his lap I would directly look at him, and he would just look straight on. But now from hanging out now, the eyecontact is defnetily there.
  14. he genuinely keeps the conversation going by asking me questions etc.
  15. he will text me asking if Im going out, and if I say no. he says Come out!

and here a signs that made me question if he did just see me as a friend: 1. he once asked his friend "are any of these girls remotely attractive thats coming" and this was infront of me.. 2. he has never REALLY made a move on me, and I dont know if its lack of experience or what. 3. at a club, i was like "dance with me" and he said I am (we were just awkwardly next to eachother) and i tried to subtly grind on his leg, and then I felt his arm tried to barricade it so I just stoped and distanced a bit. 4. he can be moody at times BUT i have noticed that when i start hanging out with him he seems to get pretty happy, OR if I ignore him he will try and somehow chime into the conversation with people or just seems a bit dull.

I couldn't handle the idea of not knowing where I stood, so I confessed to him that I liked him on facebook and I wanted to know where I stood,he said "i like you, your one of the coolest girls I know but just not in that way.... sorry if I led you on or anything, I didnt mean to. I've just wanted to always be friends" & what I dont get is, there are certain things "friends" don't do with eachother, + He had heard from his friends that I was a bit interested in him.

Now one more aspect: his bestfriend "tom" use to be into me, he is a complete player and I kissed him but then he screwed me over so I ditched him. and he is the kind that wants what he cant have, and he always makes it clear that he is trying to OVERLY-charm me to get a 2nd round, he also has experience with girls unlike daniel.

So I feel that tom might have influenced daniel a little bit? And I just find it hard to believe by watching daniels actions that he only wants to be friends.