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Does he like me because we cuddled at a movie?

Published on March 28, 2013 by meghnany

So this guy that i've known for more than a year is really close to me. we're close friends but ive liked him forever. i think i knew nothing would ever happen between us, so i sorta got over him. my best friend is in love with him and she would never get with him though and i still like him, i just gave him up for her. she wants him so bad, and ive tried helping her out with him. recently, we've been hanging out more and the other day he asked to see a movie with me so i went. i asked him to bring other close friends, and he said hell ask but never did and said it could be a date (seemed kinda jokey) he said we could grab lunch before and stuff and he bought my ticket. Then at the movie he put his arm around me and we were cuddling even tho it wasnt felt nice, and i realized i still really like him. it was really close and i dont know what to make of it. we always hug and do stuff as friends but this felt different.... he walked me home and hugged me. we texted alot and he was flirty but hes always been flirty to people but not the player type, the funny way. i know hes not a player. i want something with him rly badly, but idk how he feels. he said he had lots of fun and would miss me when he goes. i told my friend that i like him and she got so mad at me because our best friend loves him....idk what to do!!!!!! i want this to happen really badly, but ive got my friend whos in love and then idk if he even wants something. help!