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does he like me?

Published on November 28, 2013 by gizmo_1225

I'm so confused lol OK so apologies in advance if I ramble on lol I've know this guy for years and we have always had a laugh and I have always liked him but he was engaged and had moved away from the area. Anyway it didn't work out and he moved back home this was about a year ago now and when it first happened I started to talk to him more and he would tell me how he was feeling as the year went on although we would still mention his ex it became more about him texting and calling to wind me up as a joke he has also come up with silly nicknames for me and says them so often that others call me it to wind me up lol as I said he's been a frienbd for years so when we all went on holiday he came to the whole holiday we wound each other up and he dared me that I wouldn't have the guts to tickle him so I did then he kept doing stuff that he knew would make me do it again and he also did it back to me a couple of times my bro in law is a close friend and he's apparently told him he likes me all our other friends say he does as well to the point where there jokingly planning our wedding people wind us up saying were look like a couple in front of both of us and he never says anything he doesn't get defensive also he keeps saying the odd sextual comment I text him but have never called him but he calls me and sometimes more than once in a day I think he does like me but I just don't have the guts to ask him lol


You are afraid of losing a friend if you ask him. There is no easy way to say this: either take a chance or keep being friends. I would be cautious if you decide to be more than friends because it sounds like he is still healing from his ex. He needs to be finished with her 100% before starting something with you. Proceed with caution.