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Does he like me?

Published on October 6, 2013 by piercemyheart

There is this kid in my grade and he is super funny, outgoing, and is pretty social. I recently moved to a new school and he was one of the first people to talk to me which made me feel more comfortable taking to him. He talks to me all the time and when my attention isn't on him he is trying to get my attention. He Sits next me in my class and he is always singing a song with my name in it and says I'm awesome. Whenever I walk down the hall and he is waking down the same one he always says "THERES MY BEST FRIEND" and he screams it so the whole hallway hears. He makes his friends say hi to me. Once I walked in the door next to his table and he screamed my name in front of all his friends and just says "what's up!". One kid at his table is so mean to me and I always try to stay away from his table but even with his buddies he try's to have my attention. He got detention because he would not stop taking to me during class. I try to ignore him but in a nice way. Like I'm not totally blocking him out I'm just focusing on the teacher and copying notes not talking to him, basically my attention just shifted towards the teacher. But while I was focusing in the teacher he would sit far up I'm his desk and look at my face and just stare until I notice and then he would just continue trying to talk to me. I have active conversations with him during class too. He had asked me to be his partner on assignments 4 times and when he does he looks nervous. I can't work him because at times my teacher dose not allow us to work with other students but he says "who care just work with me". I decline only because we are not allowed or I'm on a different assignment then he is. He asks me if ill be on the bus and he sometimes asks me to sit with him. One girl told me that he did this to her. But she always ignored him. Me and him had hungout at a local park and we walked to KFC and dicks and target. It was me and his 1 year older friend. And they started messing around in the sports store and played around I noticed he looked at me a lot. And when I drifted around the bend he would ask where I was. Whenever someone try's to hook us up we both just kinda ignore it and continue to talk. I always just shrugged my shoulders whenever my friend tryed to hook us up only because I really can't imgine anyone liking me. I'm in Kentucky and he lives up the street from me. We don't have many classes together. My house is huge and he came over and played with my little brother and we had nerf battle. I live in the country and have lots of space to run but I went in my room and whenever I would go to my room to get something he would want to come with me. My house is huge and I don't know why he wanted to ever view my room. I really like him a lot.