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does he like me?

Published on May 18, 2013 by jazmine13245

OK I'm not sure if he likes me or not....can you help me. OK so here's the story there is a guy if had a crush on since the beginning of like 6th grade and there is only 18 days left of this school year which is 8th grade so its been like 3years?... idk the point is that in 6th grade he found out that I liked him and like got reeked out or something and ever since then hes been like recally mean-ish and yeah but I still like him but I think he thinks that I don't, I see him everyday...every morning, evening,and night practically all day. Everytime he gets a chance to he rubs it in my face or he tells EVERYONE! That I used to like him and I'm like really if you like don't like me why relive those moments and anyway he really mean to me but as soon as he sees that he makes me sad or something he stops and trys to make me laugh ALOT he teases me a lot too and we fit like cats and dogs all day and all night but at the end we laugh and have fun. He also stares at me ALOT everyone that notice's that he stares at me their like did he likes you and I'm like but he's really mean to me and we always have a bunch of little moments and he seems happy but he's mean and I don't know what to do all of my friends say that im in love wit him and i think i am i just dont know what to do I mean I really wish sometimes I could forget about him but I can't its hard because I see him every min. Of every day,and when were talking/fighting he sometimes says 'dude I can keep this up for ever, I can go to your house/stalk you for ever' and I said no you cant he said yes I can and we just kept going on forever he's so HOT but idk its confessing a lot of people say that he likes me but sometimes some of his actions say the opposite plzzzz help I'm dying...... I love him so much and I know you may think I'm too young to 'love' him but its been like 3 years,I can't forget him, I cant ignore him, and I say no to the other guys that ask me out hoping he finally sees that I never stopped likeing him. I....i really like him and if I didn't stop likeing him along time ago I can't stop all of a sudden right, BTW he's 15 and I'm 14 plz help me.