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Does Dating a Divorced Dad Make Me Crazy?

Published on May 17, 2013 by karidenotter

I've been dating my boyfriend for almost four months. He is a great guy and we are very happy and in love. My question is this - he's also a divorced dad and I have yet to meet his daughter or anyone else in his family. Things are further complicated because he and his ex were unable to sell their house after the divorce was finalized and so he lives in the basement and she lives upstairs, which makes hanging out at his place nearly impossible. They are working on getting their house sold now that the market is looking up, but all my friends think that I'm nuts for even giving him a chance, let alone falling in love with him. Am I crazy and asking to get hurt or is it possible that life is just a bit messy sometimes and it's worth the wait to see if it gets sorted out?


Yes, you are nuts. I hope that helps.

PS--Men have baggage. Deal with it or get a vibrator.

You might just be the brightest "Sunshine" in this mans life and please stop over-thinking Obviously you care for him and he is showing he can be a stand up guy and co-parent and be civil enough to have common sense and live in the basement to help insulate financial cost if he were to move out. Sometimes people in this situation just need time and good friends to get their life back to normalcy and before you start placing a "TIME-FRAME" on why you haven't met his daughter(and whatever relatives yet) keep in mind Divorcees don't want to introduce and incorporate others into their children lives if your not going to be permanent. I don't know the age of the daughter but i feel your just using that to BLINDSIDE the real issue is which is typical: Your another woman that wants the wife and everyone to know you exist for your own reasons to not feel like you don't matter but your not worried about bringing "drama and EXTRA" to the scene because you want to be acknowledged NOW...Its really not about you and you may need to relax and let him repair family communication,get used to his new change in living arrangement and lifestyle without outside cues forcing him to "hurry up to introduce you". People need to get back to some normalcy without a new girlfriend's personality coming into the fray. You feel me? Every person may want to keep their new love interest separate and free from his living situation, that doesn't mean he wants to hide you but he doesn't need more drama. He may not want the wife t think you were the mistress and may not want his daughter bringing another female to his ex wife. Its all sensitive new waters he has to swim in and instead of creating more problems can't you just host at your house and let him have his time to adjust to all of this very real reality based the finances and current living arrangements