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Does a bad kiss mean that there is no chance of a relationship?

Published on April 10, 2012 by okami

     So my friend, who I have had feelings for for a while, told me to close my eyes...being oblivious I closed my eyes, and to my suprise she kissed me. Later she said she regretted kissing me because she said that it seems that it ment more to me than it did to her. Being a guy with barely any relationship experience I have to ask... Does this mean that any hope of a serious romantic relationship is non-existant, or am i just overreacting?


If she kissed you then your in like swim wear .. Ur over reacting .. tell her to close her eyes kiss her sinc ur in control .. Lay it on her then say " your wrong"

The kiss meant more to you or her? The point is your friend kissed YOU. I don't know her reaction, but, she likes you obviously. Maybe you should try kissing her again and see if it's still a bad kiss.

Why do you label it as a bad kiss?

If it is because what she said, it does not mean the kiss was bad just that you have to be careful to not move too far ahead of her emotionally. This can be easily done when you do not have a lot of experience.

If it is because it was only that she kissed you, that can be overcome - kiss her back nect time or even initiate a kiss when things seem right.

If it is the kiss itself, different people have different things needed for a romantic relationship. There are people who will close the door after a single bad initial kiss. Others need emotional connections. Others....